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    4 Simple Skin Care Tips for Staying at Home

    4 Simple Skin Care Tips for Staying at Home

    The pandemic has made the statement “Do not touch your face,” a mantra in health circles. Unfortunately, this may not hold in the strictest sense in skincare routines as you spend a lot more time at home. You may be surprised to know that even spending more time at home may have put more stress on your skin. Do you know why? Less exercise, eating between meals, a bit of laziness or too much busyness can be also bad for your skin. Therefore, we’ve prepared some simple skincare tips to help you while staying at home.


    Clean your makeup applicators and tools


    4 Simple Skin Care Tips for Staying at Home

    Your busy schedule may have made it impossible to wash your makeup applicators. Now, you have enough time. Your makeup tools could harbour bacteria, which can cause skin reactions. Clean your brushes under warm water with a mild soap. If the handles of your applicators are made of wood, do not get these parts wet. If you do, they will begin to rot over time. When done, lay everything out on a clean cotton towel to dry out.



    Stick to a daily skincare routine

    4 Simple Skin Care Tips for Staying at Home


    While at home, you can utilise your time to adopt daily skincare routines to make your skin supple with a soft glow. By adding a structure to your day, you create an atmosphere of warmth and self-love. Use your cleansers, moisturisers, and even sunscreen (especially when you need to step out in the day). There are several brands, such as Colorescience, which provide products for all types of skin. You can find out more here as you give yourself that physical and emotional boost.



    Exfoliate dry skin


    Sometimes even spending more time indoors could be harmful to healthy skin. Cooling appliances like your air conditioner may extract moisture from your skin as it operates. To reduce the amount of moisture the AC takes from your skin, keep a bowl of water on a table in the same room. If you have noticed dryness, especially on your face, it is time to exfoliate. Exfoliation is the process of sloughing away dead skin cells to make way for fresher looking and supple skin. Depending on the severity of the dryness, you can exfoliate twice a week for better results. After every session, remember to moisturise your skin generously.



    Change unhealthy habits


    Maybe your time at home caused you to relax on your previously entrenched healthy eating habits for unhealthy ones. Your kitchen is only a few steps away from the bedroom or hall, and the temptation to grab quick non-nutritious snacks is higher than ever. Now is the time to go back to that healthy lifestyle and cut back on sugary drinks and sodium-filled snacks.


    You may lose your guard while at home, but you should try to fix that. Now, more than ever, you should commit to self-love and generously take care of yourself before your employers ask you to resume full-time at work. When that happens, you may be too busy to care for your skin.