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Welcome to my blog and my about me section. I am Lynne a multi-award nominated lifestyle blogger from Belfast Northern Ireland.


A place for mums to feel at home be it young or middle-aged. Get family tips, style advice, makeup ideas and interior inspiration. Lynne xx



After taking a long career break from my managerial job after having my twins I was beginning to miss the creative side of me. I spent some time thinking about what I could do from home to make me feel like I had a purpose apart from wife and mother. One night I had a lightbulb moment and decided that I wanted to start a blog. Something that allowed me to create and connect but also be here for the children. The next day A Day In The Life Of A Mum Of 6 was born. Since its launch in October 2016, my blog has now turned into a career for me. Never in my wildest dreams did I think a thought one night in bed would turn into my dream job. Working with amazing brands, meeting new people and engaging and building an amazing following. I am proof you can grab an idea and turn it into much more with lots of love and nourishment.


Here in my little space on the internet, you will see me talk about my love for fashion, interiors, and lifestyle. Being a busy mum of 6 I will also talk about some parenting ideas and what its like to live in a home with teenagers and smalls.


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Mason and Logan

Piccalilly Autumn Winter Range 2017

These little guys are Mason and Logan my Identical twin boys born in September 2012. They feature often on my blog and Instagram. Although they are identical they are so very different. Mason is very much a mummy’s boy and is constantly stuck to me. A very laid back little boy who loves nothing more than crawling into bed beside me for a cuddle.


This is Lucas the eldest of my smalls. Lucas is a wonderful little boy, super loving with a very witty sense of humour. Lucas can also be a sensitive little one but this makes him the caring individual that he is today.


Stuart Mrlifeofamumof6

This is my husband Stuart the man who makes me the woman that I am today. Stuart is also a part-time photographer with a super eye for detail. I often ask his advice on photography for the blog as I want to learn that side of the business myself. Stuart is also an avid gamer and loves nothing more than pushing the recliner back and having a few games come evening time to relax.




Willow and Lune

During the summer of 2020 I launched my own baby essentials business. Its something that has been in the making for quite some time and I’m finally delighted to put my love for fun and modern prints into a beautifully curated line of baby items.

Willow and Lune


Willow and Lune






“The joy of dressing is an art”

John Galliano