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    How To Potty Train A Boy

    One thing I learnt from the off was that Potty Training was a whole new level of learning. Each of my 6 children has all gone about it in different ways, obviously, the end result is the same lol. I have learnt what did and didn’t work with mine plus I asked some mums what their secrets were. Today I’m talking all about how to potty train a boy, obviously training any child is pretty much the same but my smalls are boys and they trained a  little later.


    How To Potty Train A Boy

    My number one tip would be to not force it. Some children just take longer than others to get in the flow and understand and get to grips with the entire process. With my twins, we stopped and tried again the month later and cracked it very quickly. This is perfectly normal, and we should always follow their lead with this in my opinion. There is also no set age to start if your child shows a readiness and willingness to sit on a potty go for it. My girls trained a good year before my boys as well and both showed a keen interest whereas my boys didn’t.

    So what things did we use to help our children train


    How To Potty Train A Boy

    • Training charts- My boys love cars and Thomas so we had some made up by an eBay seller. Wipable so we could reuse them daily and my guys just loved using theirs. We didn’t use reward charts as such as I didn’t want them feeling any negativity if they had an accident or couldn’t go. We just gave stickers every time and ticked the board for trying.
    • Potty Training Apps- Yes, there are apps for absolutely everything these days. We used a few that had songs and my guys seemed to really enjoy them
    • Pirate Pete Potty Training Book- We bought this fun interactive book for the boys who are Pirate mad, it’s such a fun book with an added button to push. We had it in the house a few months before we even started training so we could set the seed in their minds and make it a less scary thing to do.
    • As my guys were slightly older in comparison to some children when they trained we went straight on the toilet using a ladder and potty seat. For them sitting on a small potty would not have been comfortable and they thoroughly enjoyed the steps up to the loo. For us, this was worked very well.
    • Training Pants- We used these for a few days with the boys, not a necessity but we used them more on car journeys to prevent accidents and flooding.
    • Car Seat Protectors- Same as above really and we still use them now just in case, though the boys haven’t had any accidents in months
    • Travel Potty- We have a great one that folds down really flat, great to just have in the car for days out, long journeys or for any holidays. Ours comes with bags which you place in the potty, inside the bag is an absorbent material which soaks any pee up so after usage there won’t be any accidents with spillages.


    I’d say buy 3 pottys. One for upstairs, one for downstairs and one for the garden. Travel pottys are good for the car. – Klare

    Wait till they are ready, you can’t force it! Let them see you go to the toilet etc and then they will know what to do, also for later trainers, ditch the potty and go straight to the toilet, one less transition that way – Christie

    I just let J run round with no clothes first week. Then he didn’t like boxers or pants. So went without for a while. Now we are in boxers. Still have the odd accident buts he is only 2. – Amie


    Do you guys have any tips that you can add?


    How To Potty Train A Boy

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