Autumn/Winter Loves


There is most definitely a nip in the air now, heating is now on, gone are the light bed clothes and back are jumpers, boots, dressing gowns and slippers. Dark nights have set in, the light dimming whilst on the school run. Although they wouldn’t be two of my favourite seasons, there are aspects of each that I adore.

Closing the curtains come dinner time, cosying up on the sofa watching movies whilst under fluffy blankets.

Frothy, cream laden hot chocolates, topped with marshmallows. A small glass of Baileys of an evening, the cold creamy lushness goes down a treat.Mince pies, yes my complete favourite, warmed with a side of cream, yum. Stodgy foods, bringing comfort, stews, soups and warm breads.


Cinnamon/spiced apple melts in my warmers.

The Christmas market, Danish pancakes, hog roasts and a raspberry beer. The prep for Christmas, shopping, wrapping, dressing the tree, preparing food, hosting guests.Town, shops filled with Christmas goods, trees and decorations throughout the stores, it cant help but get you in the Christmas spirit.



Winter woollies on, cosy thick jumpers, warm winter socks. Down filled coats, keeping the chill off my bones, thick woollen scarves wrapped round my neck, gloves on as soon as I pop outside.


Frosty mornings, seeing your breath as you dash to the car. Snow, not saying we ever get any as living by the sea limits it a tad, but when it does arrive, feeling the flakes on your tongue, you hair damp but not wet, fresh crisp air.

What do you guys love about Autumn or Winter?





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  • Reply Paul.E.Bailey

    You paint such a great picture of what’s really an awful time of year 😉 No, I think you’ve got it as accurate as could be expected there. Especially with the food. Autumn and Winter are definitely the best seasons for eating and there’s a definite novelty in the warmth you get from a fire or radiator that you just don’t get in summer

    15th November 2016 at 7:33 am
  • Reply adayinthelifeofamumof6

    Have to make the best of a bad situation eh 🙂 I love mornings like today when the sun is shining, it may be cold and unpleasant but the sun brightens up my day. Nothing better than getting home to heat 🙂 makes me appreciate what I have

    15th November 2016 at 9:24 am
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