Beat The Chilly Blast

If you have to get up earlier than usual to defrost the car, and your workwear has turned into whatever can fit underneath an oversized mohair jumper, you are probably waiting eagerly for spring to make an appearance. It’s likely that you’ve welcomed the slow rise in temperatures as a sign that the cold winter was soon gone. Unfortunately, according to the Met Office, the warm temperatures will be only short-lived. Indeed, the UK and Northern Ireland could be hit by a lengthy cold snap that will allow chilly winds from East of Europe to blast over the country. The reason for it? A stratospheric warming above the north pole that could disturb the circulation of cold air. The bottom line is that your exposure to cold isn’t over yet, so you’d better be ready. Today I’m talking about how to Beat The Chilly Blast.


Beat The Chilly Blast

What’s your warm up drink?


Forget the spring fashion and dress properly

It’s genuinely time to shut down those fashion sites promotion the spring and summer collections. You won’t need any of it for another two months! Instead, make sure to keep yourself warm with proper winter clothes, including socks that keep your feet warm if you need to work outdoors. The secret to staying warm is layering – thankfully the latest fashion trends have made it acceptable in the office too so that there’s nothing wrong with showing up wearing a knitted, short-sleeved top over a business shirt.


Indoor warmth

The chilly winds are said to stay well into March, so it’s a good idea to make sure that you can stay warm at home. Admittedly the matter of a well-insulated home is important, especially if you live in an old house; more often than not, old insulation solutions could gain by being renewed. Additionally, if you’re planning home improvement works, you could arrange for infrared panels installation which provides a homogeneous warmth across each room. That’s the difference in temperatures inside your home that creates a feeling of cold.


Eat yourself warm

Ah, comfort food, who doesn’t like a big bowl of oat porridge in the morning when it’s raining or snowing outside? And you could indulge; oat is a whole grain rich in fibre and healthy starch to keep you feeling full and warm longer. If you need a pickup during the day, try a cup of hot dark chocolate, which is equally satisfying and sweet. And in the evening, you can ditch the rich stew for a bowl of black bean soup that is an excellent source of iron and copper and provides a direct boost for your immune system: you’re guaranteed to get warm quickly!


Can your body keep its warmth?

If you’re still struggling to get warm, there might be a health reason for that. An iron deficiency can make it more difficult for your body to control its temperature, for instance. You will notice other symptoms such as tiredness and uneasy blood circulation too. Or maybe you’re just not consuming enough vitamin B12 so your body can’t produce the necessary red blood cells. If you are cold all the time, you should consult a doctor to find the underlying cause.


Hopefully, these little tips can help you to stay warm and beat the stratospheric chilly blast that awaits us!



** This is a collaborative post please see my disclosure section for full information.

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