Clean Up Your Act For Family Rotas That Work At Last

Clean Up Your Act For Family Rotas That Work At Last

When you’re dealing with a large family, cleaning is a full-time undertaking. If you’re not cooking their meals or urging them to do their homework, you’re pulling your hair out sweeping up their dropped crumbs, or trying desperately to clear space on the sofa. It’s no wonder you feel you’re one brush short of a full set right now!

Luckily, there is a magic solution, and it comes in the form of a cleaning rota. With an entire army tackling this task, you can save yourself a world of hassle, as well as achieving cleanliness to be proud of. Finally, you won’t have to worry about stray food and the escalating need to call exterminators like 000 Pest Control that can come along with it. You’ll even be able to invite friends over without worrying that they’ll report you to the authorities!


It seems like the answer to all problems. And, yet, when you try to put such a rota into place, you face a whole new battle. After all, your kids are a lot less likely to embrace this new cleaning approach. In fact, you may find that the only way to get them on board is to avoid the following mistakes at the implementation stage.

Clean Up Your Act For Family Rotas That Work At Last

# 1 – Using chores as punishment

We’ve all done it mums, but using chores as punishment is a habit you want to scrap straight away. Ultimately, as well as helping you, a cleaning rota teaches your kids the benefits of taking responsibility. The last thing you want is to treat that responsibility as something they’re forced into. The moment you ground them and put them on dishwashing duty, you send one clear message – this is a terrible task. It’s, therefore, hardly surprising if they show some hesitancy when their cleaning day rolls around.

# 2 – Letting them set their own timeframe

Clean Up Your Act For Family Rotas That Work At Last


If you let your kids pick and choose when they complete chores, you’ll endlessly find they head to bed without getting around to things. Not only does this fail on the responsibility front, but it also leaves you facing late night cleaning. By far the best way to avoid this would be to set clear time limits for every chore that appears on your rota. The joy of being a mum does, after all, come from making the rules. And, getting on top with that here ensures there’s never any question of things actually getting done!


# 3 – Failing to offer rewards

You may think that you’re doing yourself a favour by avoiding bribery with rewards, but trust us when we say that this is, undeniably, the best possible chore motivation of all. After all, it isn’t as though you’ll be handing out treats for nothing. Instead, your kids will be learning that their efforts can reap rewards. It’s a good lesson and incentive for them, and it also makes your task of getting them to take rotas seriously so much easier for stress-free cleaning sessions moving forward!


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