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Gone are the days where you had to go to the Dr’s surgery and have the freeze treatment to get rid of Warts or Veruccas. As a young swimmer, I can remember getting Veruccas. Having to have the ultra cold treatment. It was like something from Back to the Future when the cannister lid was removed. A puff of white smoke filled the surrounding area haha. Well, all that is gone now. End Warts is at hand to treat these issues in the comfort of your own home.

Unfortunately, it can take a few weeks for a Verucca to appear after possibly picking it up in the local swimming pool. The only way to offer full protection is to wear the swimming socks in the pool area. Including the changing rooms and showers.

Warts are more common in children possibly down to the fact that they bite their nails, chew at fingers and can have little cuts. Warts absolutely love moist areas and children are known for having little fingers in their mouths.

To treat it at home all you need to do is use the product End WartsA  small object which looks very similar to a pen is all you need to treat the area.

Unique          Effective          Easy

How it works

The product dries out the area affected treating Warts/Veruccas. It can be used on hands, feet, elbows and knees and is suitable for use on children and adults. Use once a week but gently pressing the tip of the applicator pen to the affected area. It can take 5-15 treatments until the area is fully treated. one pen also holds up to 30 applications.

A great and really fast way to treat Veruccas or Warts. The pen is hand sized, so easy to store in the medicine cupboard. Effective without requiring a trip to the Doctor.



**Talk to your GP before using on a child under 4.

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