HarpersbyLynne Logo from Logojoy

For the guys who have been following me for a while will know I love all things Organic and I’m also a print/interior/scandi fan. I have decided to bring out my own line of prints for children’s nurseries and bedrooms and have launched my 1st line of Mama t-shirts which are printed on Organic fabric. I have started a website and Etsy shop to sell my prints on. Taking the pictures was the easy bit, listing and creating my shop took a tad longer. I did lots of research on Etsy to see what other shops were like and what design features they had added to make their own shops stand out a bit. I’m very much a visual person and I’m always drawn to pictures and things with beautiful designs. So with this in mind, I set about making my logo for my Etsy shop. Yes, I can make prints but technical logos, and sizings, altering and adding layers are a bit more advanced and as it’s my business I really wanted a professional finish. I came across logojoy on the internet and it seemed to offer all that I wanted. So off I went to make my HarpersbyLynne Logo from logojoy


HarpersbyLynne Logo from Logojoy

I had an idea in my mind before I started out but when I got stuck in it changed slightly and I added colour instead of keeping it monochrome like my prints. I think when you see it against the simple designs on my Etsy shop it just adds a little something extra to it. The website is a complete breeze to use and perfect for anyone with no design experience at all there is even a guide to watch as well 🙂 if you need any inspiration before you design the website has a dedicated section for design inspo 🙂



To start you add your business name or blog name if that is what you’re making your logo for. You are also given the option to pick certain brand colours and fonts before the website makes some designs for you. An added extra of being able to add some symbols is there, I added some hearts to mine at the start but removed them as my design started to take shape. That’s the bonus of this software you can add, alter and change things as you go hooray, as I did love playing around with all the colours and fonts. The website gives you a huge and I mean huge selection of logos to pick from. You can select any that you like from the selection and alter it more to suit your needs. I picked one that I liked and changed the colour to a softer pink shade and played around with the fonts in both the main business name and the tagline. At the top of the page, you can select an area of the design that you are wanting to alter, see it really is that easy to use. When you have your design complete and you’re happy you go through to the end stage and complete your transaction. Within a minute you have your collection of logo designs in multiple formats inc png, pdf etc and all come in 4 different styles including colour, background etc. Just save your designs to your desktop and your good to go.


Harpers by Lynne etsy shop logo with gold design and lettering

A downloaded png file


This picture shows the Harpers by Lynne logo for her Etsy shop. the print is in the colour pink with gold lettering and an added gold circle around the text

My finished HarpersbyLynne Logo


Finished Design On My Etsy Store

HarpersbyLynnelogo from logojoy showing finished product on my etsy store

HarpersbyLynnelogo from logojoy showing finished product on my etsy store

I must say I’m really happy with my finished logo. I had full control over the design without paying someone else to do that bit for me and I could alter it as much as I wanted without paying for alterations yay. The designs vary in price as well from $20 for a one-off design to the premium service at $65 which offers you much more control over your design plus allowing you to change to alter and amend and then redownload 🙂


What do you guys think?


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