Life with twins

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I will never forget the day I was in the hospital having my early scan, the nurse left the room and came back with another, scared definitely yes, why are there two nurses in here now? Then she broke the news that I was pregnant with twins. Hooray, awesome news. Today I’m going to be talking about life with twins.

My life obviously changed massively the day they were born. No more single pram, a bigger car needed, would I change any of it, 110% no. It’s been a massive learning curve from the start, but as us, mums do we just get on with it right? Don’t get me wrong there have been days that have been difficult but those are few and far between. Going out was my main hurdle. As Lucas was only 16 months when I had the twinnies it was harder in the earlier days. I needed more equipment when out, I also baby wore one of the babies to allow Lucas pram space.


The first year was about getting in our flow and adapting. I obviously had older children to care for as well, so we all needed to slot in to make it work. I tried to keep the big’s routine similar to what it was so they had no disruption, the smalls just fitted in like a glove.


As they grew things got easier, we were even able to manage a few holidays to France yippee. Going out was easier and the boy’s routines were firmly in place.

Fast forward a few years and my little pips are now 4. Logan the eldest is such a poppet, very cuddly and just wanting to be beside me all day. Mason is pretty much the same tho loves to dive off and play cars.


They are now in Preschool 5 days a week for 5 hours daily. I miss my little sidekicks so much but they need independence and to play with their peers in a formal setting.

I have found so much help out there on twin Facebook groups, it’s easier talking to people who understand what you mean. Tamba has also been a massive support as well. I don’t know anybody locally who has twins so the outreach has helped massively. One tip I would give is to go with it, don’t be scared, it will all work out. Also, prepare yourself for the comments when your out, I get asked frequently if I had IVF (who actually asks strangers that) and how old I am, double trouble is always a classic and by god you have your hands full and of course do you not have a TV in your house? haha, I just laugh now and walk on.


It has been an amazing experience like no other, two little identical boys needing nurturing



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