Mummying Multiple Kids: How To Encourage Individuality

Mummying Multiple Kids: How To Encourage Individuality

Having a big family is the greatest blessing of all, but it does pose a few additional challenges. Perhaps the toughest challenge revolves around the idea of getting each child to develop his or her own personality.

Here are six of the best ways to make it happen in style.

Mummying Multiple Kids: How To Encourage Individuality

 Build designated areas for each child

Home is where the heart is, and every child deserves to love theirs. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure that each child has a designated area to express themselves and be creative. It might not be possible to provide everyone with their own room, but these shared room design tips will help. Meanwhile, the garden, conservatory, and communal areas can be used to great effect too.

Treat them as individuals

As a parent, you want to treat your kids with fairness and consistency. However, this should not be confused with identical treatments. Finding age-appropriate house chores, rewards, and punishments will help. Bedtimes, homework routines, and other activities should also be tailored to each child. On a separate note, dressing them in outfits that suit their personality and look is vital.

Encourage individual hobbies

Mummying Multiple Kids: How To Encourage Individuality

Promoting personality development within the home is a great starting point, but the idea should extend to other areas. Extracurricular activities give siblings a break from each other and allow each child to focus on the tasks they love. Dance classes for kids are particularly useful for those with the rhythm. Music, sports, and other creative activities can also support your parenting tasks.

Make smarter holiday choices

Family vacations provide some of the highlights of our lives, and those magical moments together are central to this idea. However, it’s equally important to find a holiday that allows kids to do their own thing too. Whether it’s a ski holiday or an all-inclusive hotel stay, age-appropriate kids clubs and activities are vital. Marry the ideas of individual and family fun for the very best results.

Lead by example

Children are information sponges, and they learn a great deal from their parents. As such, making time to follow your passions and do the things you love is great for them as well as yourself. Aside from encouraging your children to be themselves, it may teach them about exercise, healthy eating, art, and other topics. Those key skills can pay dividends in the long run.

Celebrate unique characteristics

Perhaps the most important step of all is to reinforce the above features by praising each child’s traits. If one sibling is the joker in the pack, celebrate it. If another is artistic or great at sport, celebrate it. We have different personalities. Celebrating the differences is as vital as celebrating the similarities. Establish the right balance here, and you won’t go far wrong.

As a parent, you want to guide your children through life in the best way possible. Unlocking their personality so that they can become confident in their skin is a major aspect. Do not forget it.


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