My First Week of Blogging

I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into when I opened the laptop at the start of the week. Today im going to be talking all about my first week of blogging.

I suppose I ask myself why now? With my twins starting Nursery I seem to have found some me time hooray. Although I do train at the gym a number of mornings a week that’s not enough to fill the void. I gave up work when I found out I was expecting the boys, left my desk job for nappies and bot bots. Do I miss work? The social side most definitely yes, so this for me will be another avenue of connecting with others.

Those who know me well know there probably isn’t a day that goes past that I don’t either order something or get a delivery shhhh don’t tell the husbot. So why not share my deliveries? Post my new finds on Instagram.  Give honest reviews and let you see what it’s like living with a large family.

 I did minimal research before I started on all scores. I had hoped to just concentrate my blogging on just the family but I didn’t want to limit my audience or bore my followers with our daily antics. I wanted to show another side to me. Aside that shows me as Lynne not just Lynne the mum of 6.

 I stumbled across WordPress after a quick google search, popped open the laptop and off I went to get started.  One thing is for sure my computer skills are a tad hilarious now, but after a few attempts, I got it sorted. WordPress has a great tutorial which for someone like me is invaluable, which means that blogging is an avenue most can explore. For me as long as our passionate about something either family life, shopping, organic goods, homeschooling, pottery, art, card making there is a slot out there for you. Anyways, just to add WordPress also offers a number of platforms, a free website, using WordPress as your host, personal right up to business usage. This is fantastic for anybody like me just dipping my toes in at the start without the want for massive overheads.


Now, what do I write? This is of course why I’m here? Why not start my first piece on my lovely hometown. Somewhere that means an awful lot to me and my family. Took me a while to get off the ground but once I did it all kind of flowed out. Hitting publish was one of the hardest things I have done in a while. Will anybody like it? Will it flop? Can I actually really do this? These words went round and round my head. I felt so under pressure, something I hadn’t felt in a while. I invited a few mummy friends over, yes that was scary, it was like taking an exam, waiting for the seal of approval, which I got yippee.


My next challenge was to work out how to get myself out there. What’s the point in sitting writing if nobody ever reads it? Joined a few Facebook groups Bloggers World and Insta fabulous but relied heavily on Google, which is now my BFF. I decided to link my Instagram into my blogging life as well as my Pinterest, this will hopefully broaden my audience but also give my followers a feel of what I like by actually seeing it.  I joined a few mummy bloggers websites as well that also link your new blogs over to their live feed which I find absolutely fantastic. Mums net bloggers for me has to be the cream of the crop.



 Whilst I got my head around the fact that I had just posted something online that anyone could read, I started having a look around. I found girls like me, who love the things I do and who also link their social media accounts up. Wow, some of their work is mind-blowingly awesome. Their pictures and pieces are just fabulous. They have been in this game years and for now, they are my girl crushes. Do look around, see who else is out there doing what you have started, do you like their work? How could you improve yours? Watch how they set their pictures up? Are they pleasing to the eye? This is how we all learn by watching others, yet letting our own ideas spill out. My memo section on my phone which to this week has only been used to write shopping lists is now brimming with ideas, my mind is in overdrive, they keep coming, I never thought this would happen, but it has and I’m grabbing it with both hands whilst it’s there, whilst its fresh in my mind.

 I actually think I’m a little shocked about how well my 1st few blogs have been received. I must at this point say a massive thank you to those who have followed already, without you guys there wouldn’t be a point. I hope you continue to enjoy what I write…..Until next time…..



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