Sleep, what’s that?


I had my eldest son 16 years ago and from this point I have had the most dreadful insomnia. It has gotten worse over the years as well, funnily my entire family suffer as well, we all try and cope in different ways, some work well, some only for a few days.

So I decided  to share some things with my lovely blog followers which I have found to help me drift off, staying that way is a different story.

  • I try and eat a banana every night, bananas release chemicals which help to relax the body
  • I switch between drinking camomile tea which I’m not a massive fan of but will give it a shot if it helps, to drinking warm milk, which again both of these help relax you.
  • We all make melatonin and when we don’t produce enough, falling asleep can be an issue, increase your intake of vitamin B6 in the forms of fish and pistachio nuts.
  • Bit of a catch 22 when your shattered all day from lack of sleep so you tend to reach for the coffee to stimulate which also has a knock-on effect on your sleep that night. Try so hard not to drink caffeinated drinks hot or cold from afternoon time.
  • I know we are all pretty much glued to some sort of device or screen until bedtime, but use the last 30mins to hour before bed to try and wind down and reduce the blue light which can again keep you awake, also if you wake during the night try and avoid picking up your phone to try and settle you again as it can obviously have the negative effect than what your sourcing.
  • A lovely hot bath can work wonders to unwind, try adding some lavender drops in, a few drops are all that is needed. You can also buy some fantastic unwinding bath bubbles, anything like this is worth a go.
  •  I use a few sleep sprays and essential oils (not together) I have The works spray which I’m using lots atm, I really like the smell so I think that’s why I’m drawn to it more than the others that I have. I also place a few drops of lavender essential oils on a tissue and place beside my pillow, this has a calming effect.

If you have any tips I would love to hear them, so please do comment below.


This Works Sleep Spray





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