The Liebester Award


Wow so 3 weeks into my blogging days and I got a lovely tweet letting me know I had been awarded the Liebester Award. Not an award as such, but a hand shake and welcome to up and coming new bloggers with under 300 followers 🙂

Hooray i’m dam chuffed and I want to say a massive thank you to the lovely Shinners and the Brood for recognising me, its very much appreciated and a massive boost 🙂 There are some rules attached so here we go……….

The Rules

1) Give thanks to the blogger who nominated you.
2) Answer the questions you’ve been given.
3) Nominate some relatively new bloggers that you think are deserving of this award.
5) Let the bloggers know you have nominated them.
6) Give them questions to answer.

My Answers

1.Is there a movie that, despite not really liking it, you can’t switch off?

I actually can’t stand James Bond films, yes I know i’m odd, but once you sit down and it starts your kind of stuck to the seat.

2.If you could live a day in the life of someone else who would it be?

A rather random choice but it would have to be Victoria Beckham, I choose her as we are relatively the same age and we have children the same ages as well, it would be so interesting to see what having wealth yet balancing a busy life and a big family is like. Plus the added bonus of waking up next to her hubbie

3.Who would you rather a visit from, the Ghost of Christmas Past or the Ghost of Christmas Future?

Toughie but it would have to be the  Ghost of Christmas Future, simply because i’m so nosey and want to see what my families future brings

4.What song makes you cry?

Songs that I grew up with that my late dad listened to, my eldest son sometimes plays them, not through knowing they upset me, he is just drawn to that era, when i hear them the flood gates open

5.Who would play you in a movie about your life?

Jordana Brewster who is Mia in Fast and Furious, why? because she is really hot, defo no likeness to me lol so why not 🙂

6.What was the last cocktail you had?

A bramble, its now my absolute favourite. The husbot and I frequently stay in the Fitzwilliam in Belfast and I used to always order Sex on the Beach as I love sweet things, the Manager who we had gotten to know really well said she needed to modernise my drinks choice and produced The Bramble for me to try, I now absolutely love it

7.Fiction or non-fiction?

Got to be Non Fiction for me, the grittier the better

8.Apple or Android?

Android, tho I do want to dapple with apple but scared to make the move

9.Blur or Oasis?

Oasis most definately, Liam was my girl crush in my younger days

10.Describe your blog in 5 words or less.

Beauty infused and fun loving


I Nominate the following for a Liebester Award


My Questions 

1. Smooth or crunchy peanut butter?

2. What is your greatest accomplishment in life? apart from having children if you have any

3. What would be top of your bucket list?

4. Best place you have visited in the world and why?

5. Mars bar or Snickers

6. Do you ever save your last rolo for a loved one?

7. Do you have any fears?

8. Tea or coffee?

9. Favourite cartoon as a child?

10. Summer or Winter?









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  • Reply Paul.E.Bailey

    Blimey! Really wasn’t expecting to see my name there 🙂 I’d just come on to congratulate you for a well deserved nomination. I’d better prepare my acceptance speech. Haha.

    You deserve it by the way. You’re a fantastic blogger 🙂

    11th November 2016 at 7:17 pm
    • Reply adayinthelifeofamumof6

      Well you have made me feel very welcome in the blogging world and for that I’m very grateful, so from the off an obvious choice. Aww thank you that means a lot 🙂

      11th November 2016 at 7:23 pm
      • Reply Paul.E.Bailey

        Well I’m flattered regardless. I’ve been struggling to keep up as of late with an awful lot going on outside the blogging world. Barely keeping up with my own posts. It’s certainly a nice confidence booster just when I needed it 🙂

        11th November 2016 at 8:28 pm

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