The Rise Of Data Will Change Your Career – And Your Life

The Rise Of Data Will Change Your Career - And Your Life

If you’re interested in creating a fabulous life for yourself, you need a number of things: a secure, loving home environment, good relationships, and plenty of money in the bank. Achieving financial success, however, is notoriously tricky. People can spend their entire lives trying to make it but to no avail.

The trick is to find roles that are in high demand.

But where should you look? The answer is “data.”

Businesses need people who understand information culture and can put it to good use. The idea here is to gain skills that allow you to provide organizations with insights based on the data you present.

Once you have the skills, a whole world of opportunity opens up. Companies need individuals who understand how to exploit data, use information technology effectively, and conduct thorough research.

If you want to get on a new career trajectory and change your lifestyle, check out the following infographic. It shows you some of the skills you’ll need for this new type of work and some of the areas in which you can apply them. It also lists various jobs that are available in both the public and private sectors, including academia.

Being a leader in information culture is all about knowing how to use the data tools available to you. The ability to understand this kind of data is something that gives you an advantage in the job market against your competitors. The more you know the culture of information, the better you’re able to lead.



Infographic by University of Southern California

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