These Might Trip You Up On A Visit To The UK

The UK has long been one of the top tourist destinations in the world, and it remains so to this day. London alone is always in the top five most visited cities on Earth, and even then there is so much else in the country to explore as well. If you are considering a trip to the UK, you will arguably want to make sure that you are making the most of it. For that to be the case, you need to be aware of all the possible things which might trip you up while you are in the country. You might be surprised at a number of them, so it’s worth looking into before you travel as some of these might trip you up on a visit to the UK.


These Might Trip You Up On A Visit To The UK


The Language

You might think that you know enough English to get by, and if you are reading this then the chances are good that you are probably right. However, it’s not just about the official language itself, but also some of the lesser-known colloquial oddities which you might not be expecting. As with any culture, the British have their own kinds of slang, and it’s worth making a note of them if you are to get by as easily as possible in any British conversations. Take a look at this article from Urbanest – you will see that there are some truly surprising slang phrases which you might never have been able to fully understand if it weren’t for this kind of research. The more you know on this front, the better.


The Transport

Public transport in Britain is some of the oldest in the world – and at times, it shows. Let’s take the London Underground, or Tube, by way of example. This is the oldest underground railway network in the world, and although it is a quick and efficient service, it has to be said that it’s also quite cramped and dirty down there, especially compared to many other metros in mainland Europe and elsewhere. But the one thing that will really trip you up if you are not careful is the cost. Taking public transport pretty much anywhere in the UK is quite expensive, and you might find it easier in many cases to simply hire a car instead.


These Might Trip You Up On A Visit To The UK

The Sizes

Something which might strike you, especially if you are from the US, Australia or certain parts of mainland Europe, is that everything in Britain can often seem so much smaller to what you are compared to. This might well apply to the roads, the hotel rooms, even the meals – so it’s something you should prepare yourself for. As long as you are prepared, it shouldn’t cause a problem, but it’s worth thinking about before you travel so that it doesn’t catch you unawares.



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