Top Ways to Live an Ethical Lifestyle This Year

Top Ways to Live an Ethical Lifestyle This Year

Two trends of 2019 stood above the rest, climate change and veganism. Both are a reflection of our need as a planet to take a step back and objectively look at our lifestyle habits. Are we living in a way that supports the health of our planet or are we helping to make it worse?

If the latter, then why? We all want to live in a prosperous and beautiful world yet each day many of us make choices that directly support the opposite. Here are some simple lifestyle changes you can make this year to start living more ethically and true to your values.

Buy, Use and Consume Less

Top Ways to Live an Ethical Lifestyle This Year

The best action we can all take right now to positively affect our planet is to simply buy, use, and consume less stuff. If you look at any major issues affecting our environment whether it’s transport, plastic, or our food they all exist because we are consuming too much.

2020 will be the year that sustainability goes mainstream. With each consumer choice, you make this year consider whether it is actually necessary and if it is, could you make a better choice? A more ethical choice that impacts the world less.

Fast fashion is one quick way to reduce your impact on the planet. Instead, opt for ethically produced clothes that are durable and made with quality material.

Eat More Plants

Top Ways to Live an Ethical Lifestyle This Year

The verdict is out and it says to eat more plants as part of, not only a healthier diet but a more sustainable diet. Animals take a huge amount of resources to be bred, cared for, and to be produced into the foods we love.

Animal products are also the leading cause of health-related issues including obesity, heart disease, and even just regular heartburn which will have you reaching for a zanzole tablet.

This toll on our resources if having a huge effect on our planet with animal agriculture now one of the leading causes of climate change.

Avoid Plastic


Plastic is can now be found in every corner of the planet. Our excessive use of single-use plastic has led to a number of ecological disaster including the slow polluting of our oceans, ground, and animal life.

Plastic takes a staggering 500 years to decompose and we’re using it more and more every day. Say no to plastic, avoid it as much as possible, buy some zero-waste products and start helping to limit the amount of plastic being produced and sold.

Recycle, Upcycle, Reuse, and Reduce

Top Ways to Live an Ethical Lifestyle This Year

The way in which we dispose of waste is imperative to helping the planet. We must ensure that all materials and items that can be recycled are and anything that can be reused is reused.

Most developed countries now have recycling programs you can take part in it. Paper, cardboard, glass, metal, and various woods can all be recycled and repurposed.

Some old items can be reused in your home and turned into beautiful and/or useful new items. Pinterest is full of millions of upcycling ideas for you to take advantage of. Try to avoid sending as much as possible to landfill this year and focus on using what you do have.




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