What Do You Want To Do With Your Child’s Old Room?

What Do You Want To Do With Your Child’s Old Room?

Sometimes it gets to the point where our children move on and they leave a gaping hole in our lives. But on the other hand, their bedroom can be a blank canvas of sorts! Whether it’s a spare room, or your child has flown the nest, shall we provide you with some inspiration to turn your child’s room into something completely different?

Turn it into a study

What Do You Want To Do With Your Child’s Old Room?

A study or a home office is the perfect opportunity to use this room and turn it into something a bit more conducive to life admin. If you had to spend most of your days checking your bank statements and budgeting on the couch, turning your child’s room into a study helps you to have a space that’s purely for the art of work. Sometimes these rooms can be very distracting, so if we get some blinds, and find ways to turn our focus back onto the work itself rather than cluttering the space with all manner of junk, we can make it a bit more conducive to working harder.


Make it a more relaxing space

Now that your children have flown the nest, you’ve got the opportunity to turn this place into something a lot more relaxing. Giving you the chance to calm down amid the chaos is crucial. In fact, you can decorate this space into something completely different than what it was before. Turn the space into something a bit more relaxing by setting up scented candles or incense, and decorating it with cushions makes the room look inviting, calmer, and becomes your haven from a stressful world.

Make it a home gym

What Do You Want To Do With Your Child’s Old Room?

If you don’t have the opportunity to get to the gym, you’ve got a space that you can, at the very least, put some dumbbells or resistance bands in. There’s an abundance of great resistance bands exercises that work just as well as pumping iron in the gym! Now that you’ve got one less person to look after, perhaps it’s time to look after yourself? One of the major problems in getting to the gym is making time. So if you take the opportunity to go to a spare room that’s got all the various equipment, and you can get up an exercise video on YouTube, you don’t have to go very far!

What about an art studio?

Perhaps you’ve put your creative endeavours on the back burner for a while, and now you’ve got the space to really let loose! Setting up an artist’s studio, or at the very least, a space for creativity is fantastic, not just for your frame of mind, but you can turn the house into something a bit more vibrant. Perhaps you had to make the space a bit more sterile so your children could focus on their homework, but now you have the opportunity to go wild! This room can be full of vibrant colours and is a space where you can, finally, makes a mess!

Sometimes we don’t want to change the space, and if our children have gone away to university, then maybe we’d like to keep the space ready for them if they come back, but sometimes we need a little space like this for ourselves.


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