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    The Secret To Better Looking Hair

    The secret to amazing looking hair is looking after your scalp. If your scalp isn’t in good health, your roots will be weak, your hair will be dry and in some cases, it might even start to fall out. A lot of people neglect scalp care because they think that shampooing your hair is enough but often, they aren’t getting right in there and cleaning their scalp. If you haven’t thought about scalp hair before, use these simple tricks and you’ll have better hair in no time.


    The Secret To Better Looking Hair

    The Secret To Better Looking Hair

    Have A Good Cleaning Routine

    If you want to keep your scalp healthy you need to establish a proper cleaning routine and stick to it. You can get a build up of all sorts of things around your roots and scalp like dead skin cells, oils, dirt and residue from hair products. If you don’t do anything about it, it’ll start to damage your hair. You should be washing your scalp thoroughly with a gentle shampoo every 2 to 3 days. Make sure you’re massaging the scalp itself and not just running the shampoo through your hair and rinse it all out thoroughly so you don’t get a build up of residue in your hair.


    Use The Right Products

    When you’ve been neglecting your scalp you might need to use certain products to help you repair it again. Dry scalp is a big problem for a lot of people but you can sort it fairly easily if you just get some specialist shampoos. Click here to find out which ones are the best. If you ever notice any flakes in your hair, that’s a sign that you’ve got a dry scalp and you need to do something about it. As well as using these specialist shampoos to treat an already damaged scalp, you need to be aware of what you’re putting on there generally. Some hair products can be quite harsh on the scalp, stripping away all of the natural oils and drying out the skin and hair. Silicone based products are particularly bad because they are hard to clean out and leave a lot of gunk in your hair around the roots. If you’re experiencing a problem with your scalp, try changing the products you’re using and see if that makes any difference.



    The key to keeping your scalp healthy is exfoliation. You need to clear out dead skin cells and to keep the follicles clear and encourage hair growth. You can achieve this by brushing your hair every day with a fairly rigid brush; it’ll improve circulation around the scalp which promotes healthy hair growth, redistribute the oils which keep the hair and the scalp well moisturized and stop the build up of dead skin cells. Using an exfoliation mask once a month helps you to keep on top of it as well. You can buy one from any good beauty store but you could also make one yourself by adding some sugar to your normal shampoo.


    Condition The Scalp

    A lot of people have the wrong idea about how to use conditioner and they think that you shouldn’t put it directly on your scalp because it’ll weigh your hair down and make it flat. There is a bit of a risk of that happening but the sacrifice is worth it because keeping your scalp healthy will boost your hair and give it more volume anyway. Putting conditioner directly onto your scalp is just like moisturizing your face. It’ll stop it from drying out and reduce the chances of you getting flaky skin. Just make sure that you’re washing it out thoroughly so it doesn’t collect around your roots.


    Sun Protection

    The Secret To Better Looking Hair

    People don’t often consider sun protection on their head because they think that the hair does enough to protect them from UV rays but it doesn’t. You can still suffer sun damage on the scalp which can easily dry it out and cause thinning of the hair. If you’re going to be outside for a long period of time when the weather is hot, you should always wear a hat and try to take breaks from the sun and sit in the shade for a while when you can. Most people don’t realize it but you can also buy sunscreen that is specifically designed for scalp application. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can use normal sunscreen because it’ll just be a big mess in your hair.


    Look after your scalp properly and you’ll find that hair care will be so much easier in general and you’ll have way healthier hair.


    *** This is a collaborative post please see my disclosure section for more information.

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