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    Kat Von D Foundation Review

    Kat Von D Foundation Review

    I am a person who really appreciates the artwork side and skill put into tattoos. Mr Lifeofamumof6 and I have a few between us. Mine is more subtle than the misters, easier to cover for job interviews etc which was my main aim. I first became a fan of Kat Von D through watching her working in tattoo studios many years ago. I loved how confident she is as a person and the way she carries herself. A very strong woman with goals in mind, a direction that my younger self craved. When Kat was approached by Sephora in 2008 her vision was to create 4 perfect shades of red lipstick. The team worked tirelessly to create this and more. The brand has grown so much from its first creation and now has new lines being released regularly.

    Kat Von D Belfast

    KVD opened its first counter in my hometown recently and being a busy mama I hadn’t had the chance to get in until a masterclass event. The masterclass was showing the release of the new Saint and Sinner perfume and also introducing us to the brands signature looks to go alongside them. I jumped at the chance to attend this event alongside members of the public and other fellow bloggers. At this event I asked about the foundation as I had heard great reviews but also some mixed ones, so wanted to put it to the test myself. Today I’m going to be talking about the Kat Von D Foundation Review and how I got on with it.


    Kat Von D Foundation Review

    Coming in at £27 for 30mls its a more affordable mid-range foundation. The bottle is stunning, sleek and with an added bit of edge. I had been trying to move away from full coverage foundations especially for around my eye area. On bad skin days and days, I need that extra bit of coverage. I always like to have 1 full coverage foundation to hand. In the morning time, I complete my daily skin routine which includes cleansing, applying eye creams, face cream, and then primer ready for my foundation. The product is contained in a pump airless container, you just press the top to dispense. I apply all my foundations with a foundation brush, I just can’t get my head around beauty blenders. From an application stance, it applies like a dream and is very easy to work with. It offered me the full coverage that I like but for me and my skin, the finish wasn’t great. Yes, I could get away with wearing it but it didn’t give the flawless finish that I crave. I also found it to give nearly a powdery finish which didn’t sit very well around any fine lines. To really give the foundation the benefit of the doubt I used multiple primers and day face creams underneath, unfortunately, all gave the same result which is such a shame.

    Formulated with proprietary pigments plus an exclusive blend of siliconic elastomers which bind the formula, it will stay flawless, fade-free and transfer-proof.

    Thoughts on other items from the range

    I must add that although the foundation wasn’t great for me I absolutely love the other products in her range. The eyeliner is one the best that I have tried and takes the stress out of creating that perfect fine line. I’m also a lover of the perfumes which I hope to invest in the near future (or hopefully hubbie will get buying for Christmas) If you have a counter near you it’s worth popping in and trying some swatches of the eyeshadow palettes and asking for a sample of the foundation so you can try it yourself at home 🙂


    Kat Von D


    Quality over Quantity.
    Less is More.

    When in doubt, throw that shit out!

    But in all reality, if you want to know who Kat Von D Beauty is, all you gotta do is look in the mirror.

    We are bold, unapologetic, outspoken and different in our own way. We are artists, poets and lovers. We are the outsiders and the insiders.

    We are Kat Von D Beauty.


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