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Easy Ways You Can Spruce Up Your Kid’s Rooms

When it comes to decorating your kids’ rooms, chances are you don’t want to spend a fortune on it. Kids often change their minds about what their favourite things are so you may have to redecorate again soon. There also tends to be a lot of wear and tear when there are a lot of small people running around. Here are some Easy Ways You Can Spruce Up Your Kid’s Rooms without breaking the bank.

Figure Out Organisation

Easy Ways You Can Spruce Up Your Kid's Rooms

One of the hardest things about children’s bedrooms tends to be storage. Children are like tiny whirlwinds, leaving mess, chaos and devastation behind them. You may feel as though you spend half your life sidestepping around pieces of Lego and Barbie shoes. It’s important to encourage your kids to clear up after themselves from a young age. Which means in turn that they need to be able to easily do this. It’s a good idea to use open shelves for storage so that your kids can see and easily access their toys. Place baskets and bins on there so that your kids can take them out and sort through them when they’re looking for certain things. Keep items of a certain nature in each bin and sort them out with your kids so they know the system.


Remember Height

Easy Ways You Can Spruce Up Your Kid's Rooms

It’s important to remember that your kids can’t reach as high as you. Remember that the world is very different from a lower vantage point. So adjusting rooms accordingly is great for little people. Addinf decals to a wall can be a great idea because they’re easy to peel off. Meaning you can replace a digger sticker with a large dinosaur wall sticker if your kid changes his or her mind. I always find placing them at your child’s eye level a better idea. Storage should also be easily reachable for them. It may be a good idea to add small steps so they can easily reach their big boy or big girl bed.


Update Old Furniture

Easy Ways You Can Spruce Up Your Kid's Rooms

It may not be the best idea to splash out a lot of money on brand new furniture for the entirety of your kid’s room. Especially as it may just get bashed about a little during particularly enthusiastic play sessions or even (dare we say it!) during tantrums. Instead, why not update furniture that you have in the rest of the house? Add brightly coloured pillows to an old, comfortable chair and paint chests of drawers bright and inviting colours. You could even add new knobs onto dressers. Just make sure that they’re tightly attached, because you know that if there’s a way to get them off, your kid will manage it. If you don’t have any older furniture that you’re willing to sacrifice to the cause, why not look online? A lot of people offer cheap older furniture that you can upcycle. You can sand down and repaint wooden chairs, for example, or change the height of a desk so that it’s a perfect fit for your five-year-old.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make a perfect children’s bedroom – these tips should help you make it perfect in no time, without breaking the bank.


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