How To Keep Your Style Fresh

How To Keep Your Style Fresh

Whether you’re a busy mum, have a demanding job or both, there isn’t always time to stay on top of your wardrobe. If you often feel like you’re behind on trends or that your look needs an update, you’re certainly not alone. Instead of sitting there staring at Instagram wondering how the fashionistas do it, learn their secrets. Here are some top tips on How To Keep Your Style Fresh.

How To Keep Your Style Fresh

 How To Keep Your Style Fresh

Invest in good-quality basics

Your basics are the thing that will tie your wardrobe together season after season, so it makes sense to invest in ones that are good quality. Choose high-quality, natural materials like cotton, silk and wool that will last and invest in a range of colours. Basics are something you can always rely on to pair with your other, more on-trend items to stop you needing to spend a fortune each season.

Learn to be good at getting rid of things

A regular wardrobe refresh helps to keep your style on-trend and makes it easier to find things to wear. If you keep a wardrobe full of clothes that you no longer want, have never worn or no longer fit – it’s time for them to go. If you look after your clothes, there’s a good chance that you could sell them on Depop or eBay. It’s even easier to post your sold items using Shiply, a great solution even for the busiest of women. For anything that is unsuitable to resell or donate to charity, you could always consider recycling your clothing instead.

Stock up on accessories

Accessories really do make an outfit, and even the plainest of outfits could be made Pinterest-worthy with a few accessories added in. Statement necklaces, belts and scarves are an elegant way to complete your look, while you can have fun with hats, handbags and shoes to add a splash of colour where needed. Glamour has some excellent advice on how to use accessories to update boring outfits if you need some inspiration.

Go for tailored, well-fitting clothes

When your clothes fit well, they’ll always look fresh and stylish. Tailoring is the secret of many fashion lover, helping to give clothes that ‘made for you’ fit that flatters your figure and makes items look more expensive. There are many arguments for why you should get your clothes tailored, and you can either pay to get items fitted for you or teach yourself how to get handy with a sewing machine. You’ll soon notice a marked improvement in how much better your clothes look.


Keeping up with the latest fashion trends isn’t always easy, but maintaining a classic look is something that will always make sure your style is fresh. Take a look at some ideas for dresses for all seasons that can help you design the perfect wardrobe. Your fashion sense is unique to you, so whatever your style is, make sure you’re comfortable and happy and that will shine through.


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