Staying Stylish As A Mum Of 6

Staying Stylish As A Mum Of 6

Whether you like it or not, looking incredible, great or even just mildly-good gets a little harder when you’re having to push a double pram. With hair so knotted you look like a gap-yearing hippie and a shirt stained with milky-puke ha. But despite the uphill challenges that face you. (of which not having any time is by far the most overwhelming) It is totally possible to be a stylish mum that (almost!) always looks pulled-together. It is just a matter of knowing how. The first part of that is reading our top tips below on staying stylish as a mum.

Staying Stylish As A Mum Of 6

Staying Stylish As A Mum Of 6

A Hairstyle That Makes Life Easy

The truth is, half the time you’re going to have to get ready in the dark, in a rush and while half-asleep, so do yourself a favour and get a hairstyle that can be managed amidst all of this, in which has a great list. We’re not saying you need to get a buzz cut or lop it all off, we just mean you need to think about what will be easier to manage. That could mean opting to put your hair in a bun, it could mean going for a pixie cut or it could be that you ask your hairdresser for a style that you can wash, half-dry, add a bit of product, scrunch and go.


It’s Less About Variety

All too many people think that style and fashion is being able to look great in a variety of ensembles, but this is not the case. Just look at Carolina Herrera in her collection of crisp white shirts or Karl Lagerfeld in his high collar and all black ensemble. These people are at the pinnacle of fashion and they’ve gotten there by having an outfit. Try the same. Try buying quality instead of quantity, especially if it’s eco-friendly clothing. Try buying fabrics you love, colours that flatter you and silhouettes that you feel confident in. That’s the trick.


Know Where To Shop

No busy mom has time to go out and peruse the different rails of different shops. They just don’t. If they are lucky they will be able to run into one shop and grab the first item they see that rocks a colour they like. As such, we all rely on internet shopping, which can be a gamble. What you want to do is find stores that you like for certain things. Whether that be for summery dresses or Asos for accessories, and use them over and over again. By doing this you’ll know what the sizes are like. What sort of quality you are getting and everything else.


No More Dry-Clean Only

If you haven’t got time to shop, then you definitely don’t have time to be heading to the dry-cleaners. But you already know this. It’s why you have a box of clothes ready for dry-cleaning that has been ready for dry-cleaning since January 2015. The main reason is time, but it is also about the money too. So, do yourself a favour and only buy clothes you can wash, at home, without having to worry they’ll shrink or anything. You’ll thank us for that one.


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