Beauty Box Day

The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. Audrey Hepburn

One of my favourite days of the month when I hear the doorbell ring and the postie handing me my beauty box subscription.



I see trying these as a quick and cheap way to purchase new beauty trends. Prices of boxes vary per company but the value inside is always greater than the purchase price.  I will always have a use for all the products in these boxes and the great way some companies operate is allowing you to tailor your box to your need or requirement, so for me it’s a massive win-win.


Today my new Glossy box has arrived hooray.

My Glossy box subscription is 10 per month plus P&P. To purchase this I just signed up easily online, plus you can cancel at any time.

Glossy Box


Now for the best bit opening it. I’m like a kid at Christmas. Can’t wait to undo the ribbon and see what delights await me this time.


As always it fantastic. How could you not love this? 6 products just waiting to be tried.


Trifle Cosmetics-Lip Parfait

RRP £12.95 (Relating to full-size product)

I have never seen a lip cream in a cardboard tube before, but it works, it’s funky and different and that’s me to a T

1st impressions are great, glides on like a dream, rolls up from the bottom like a standard lipstick plus with a  nude colour allows it be very versatile.


Nuxe-Shimmering Dry Oil

RRP £34 (Relating to full-size product)

This will be fantastic for the Christmas party nights out and for summer next year. Slightly thicker consistency than water, with a gold colour and added sparkle. extremely easy to apply and it smells divine. I can’t wait to get the pins out to give it a try.


Universal beauty cosmetics Secret Flush

RRP £15 (Relating to full-size product)

A multi-tasking product that a must for any handbag. Compact but fits the job of 2 products plus the added bonus of lovely packaging. Just pop the lid off and turn the tube to release the lushness. A soft pink stain to a buttery cream blusher/lip tint. Glides on cheekbones and very easily blended to give a subtle rosiness to my cheeks. Glide onto your lips for a dash of pink. How could this product not be a winner?


Bee good- Honey & Camelina Facial Exfoliator

RRP: £10.50 (Relating to full-size product)

Yes just what I need coming into winter. A light and creamy pale cream exfoliation bursting with small beads. Very rich in texture with a light perfumed scent.


PS Pro – finishing powder

£5 (Relating to full-size product)

Can be purchased from any Primark store

Nice sleek simple design for a product from Primari. Love the silver and black touch to the lid of the product. Very light white powder giving a long wear finish to your look. Apply with brush or puff (not supplied) This is a first time trying a cheaper branded product in a while and I’m pretty presently impressed.


So my first beauty blog has come to an end I do love trying out new items and will try to give an honest review. As said earlier the beauty of trying new boxes is the chance to try multiple new products every month that you wouldn’t normally think of buying. I know I have continued to use some products that I have found in previous boxes which is great.  I know until I signed up to these companies I got stuck in a massive rut beauty wise, not moving with the times, just using products I used 10+ years ago. Always scared of what a new shade or new routine would mean, if you’re like me just be brave, sign up or if you don’t want to subscribe to a monthly box venture into your local beauty shop. Have a look around, talk to the girls behind the counter, their knowledge and training is power, we can all learn something new everyday……..


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