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HarpersbyLynne print on a chair

As I was reaching my 1st-year blogiversary I had been thinking about what way to take things forward for the next year and what I ultimately want to do blog-wise and with my career. As some of you guys will know I have also started a Marketing Diploma if you want to read my thoughts on my first-week click here. I think that starting the Diploma and having a new interest in marketing has spurred this idea on. I have decided to open an Etsy shop hooray.  For the guys who have been following me for a while will know I love all things Organic and I’m also a print/interior/scandi fan. I have decided to bring out my own line of prints for children’s nurseries and bedrooms, plus some adult prints for bedrooms, hallways, office areas etc. I have also launched my 1st line of Mama t-shirts which are printed on Organic fabric. This is super exciting for me and I couldn’t wait to show you guys the end results. My Etsy shop is called HarpersbyLynne and I hope you guys like the ideas I have come up with and what else I decide to launch later in the year.

HarpersByLynne print from Etsy shop, printed with Living The Dream

HarpersByLynne print from Etsy shop, printed with coloured circle designs

HarpersByLynne print from Etsy shop, printed with Be Brave print and gold arrow


I have a nice array of prints out at the minute, I hope to add more in the future. All are printed on thick A4 matt laminated card which looks fabulous in a frame or alone on a shelf. We have these in the boy’s rooms and they look amazing even if I do say so myself. The girls also have 2 in their room as do I lol. I’m so pleased with how things have turned out, its funny how I had a vision for my blog in bed late one night and I had the same about prints too. Let’s hope my prints take off as well as my blog has. I would love it if you guys could go and check my prints out 🙂

HarpersByLynne print from Etsy shop, printed with LOVE letters

HarpersByLynne print from Etsy shop, printed with multi coloured cloud and rain drops


HarpersByLynne Etsy shop logo in pink with gold lettering


Do you guys love Scandi styling and minimalistic prints?

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