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Dream Home Interior Inspiration

Although I do love all the furniture and items in our home I’m that person who is always shopping and wanting to add new touches much to the hubbies dismay. I wanted to compile a post showing my Dream Home Interior Inspiration with the hope that you guys may find something that suits your taste as well. Until now we have been buying more colourful sofas etc. Mainly because the twins are of that age where spillages still happen and its best to have something that doesn’t show marks. This would probably apply to most things in our house. I long to have sparse rooms with a minimalistic feel, white sofas, and chairs. Cream carpets and that almost clinical feel but offering plush fabrics and soft fluffy rugs. I hope you guys enjoy today piece all of my dream items and items that I hope to feature in our dream home in the future. (long may that dream continue)

Dream Home Interior Inspiration

Living Room Inspiration and Ideas

A living room to me should be a cozy area, one where you want to spend all your time. As I mentioned above I love that stark white took but with added soft furnishings to give that more homely feel. Below are some items that I found that really suit my style. I also as you guys will know love pops of colour.




Bedroom Inspiration and Ideas

For me, this is my favourite place in the home. Its a standing joke with my friends ‘your not in bed are you, Lynne?’ My bedroom has to ooze comfort and give that homely, warm and inviting feel. In my selection below I have featured some Orla Kiely bedding. We are huge Orla fans and we all have Orla bedding. For me, this is one way to add a pop of colour to your room whilst keeping the rest more natural. Orla bedding also washes extremely well, from a price stance its more upper-end high street but its worth it.


Window Dressing Ideas

In all rooms in my home I love the windows to be dressed. I also use items that offer privacy. I know in this case we are talking about our dream home but I would like in every home the option to darken down a room whatever the style etc. Actually, in the home, we are in now and in our previous home, we have had attic bedrooms for the teens. Having a family of 8 we do require a larger home and in Belfast, these are mostly 3 storey houses. For these rooms, we have always required a VELUX covering. My kids are very like me in the fact that they cant sleep with any light and all their rooms must be pitch black. We have always opted for the blackout option as well like these featured over on the VELUX website which can be found here. If you where wanting a look at the entire range you can visit


Hallway Ideas and Inspiration

To finish off my Dream Home Interior Inspiration post I have to include some hallway inspiration. The one room in your home that sees the most traffic but that also sets a scene for your home.



I am really enjoying posting interior posts I hope you guys are loving it as well.
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