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Five Tips to Create More Space in Your Living Room

Five Tips to Create More Space in Your Living Room

When you have a big family, you constantly struggle with space and seating. If you would like to free up space and use it more effectively, you will need to make some changes. From compact furniture to ample storage and clear rules for the kids, there are several things you can change to feel better sitting down with your family after a hard day for a chat on your sofa. Read my Five Tips to Create More Space in Your Living Room below


Five Tips to Create More Space in Your Living Room 

Five Tips to Create More Space in Your Living Room

Ottoman Storage

If your living room is often full of coats, blankets, and bedroom slippers, you might want to invest in temporary ottoman storage poufs, which will help you make the place tidy whenever you are expecting guests. Get rid of the blankets and throws, put away the clothes left downstairs, or simply store the bathrobes in the storage. You can also use the pouf as extra seating for guests, so nobody needs to sit on the arm of the chair or on the floor.

Sofa with a Storage Unit

Another way of getting your home more organized is to get a corner sofa that provides more space, and folds out. This way, you can all sit down to watch a movie together. You can store your temporary items in the storage unit of the sofa, including throws, extra cushions, and teddies your kids love while watching TV. Extra bedding can also be stored in the sofa, so you don’t have to go far when your little one decides to invite their friend for a sleepover.

Multi-purpose Furniture

You can also free up space by multi purpose living room furniture. You can get a coffee table that has ample storage and allows you to hide the toys and jigsaw puzzles your kids love playing with so much. Get a side table for storage that can be used for seating as well.


Five Tips to Create More Space in Your Living Room

Compact shelving units are great for dividing space and storing your kids’ latest art pieces. You can get modular shelves that will allow you to place a box in each section and get your items organized. Instead of making your living room appear small and crowded by putting a large sideboard or wardrobe on the wall, you can store away small items using a creative modular shelving unit. You can even find some shelving unit chairs that store CD-s and DVD-s on the side and provide seating at the same time.


Use Your Corners Effectively

Corners are the dead space we usually don’t know what to do with. You can get a custom shelf or contemporary TV units that have ample storage and make the best use of your corner space. Make sure that you are using all your corners effectively, and use shelving if necessary to create space in the middle of the living room, where most of the action is happening.
Being a busy mom with small kids is challenging. You are likely to struggle with space and have to pick up toys after your kids all day. Implement these small changes, and you can finally reclaim the place in your living room.


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