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Ideas To Keep Your Cloakroom Super Stylish

Ideas To Keep Your Cloakroom Super Stylish

If you’re lucky enough to have a cloakroom in your home, then you will know it’s likely to be the most used bathroom for any guests entering your home.  Here are some ideas on how to help you keep your cloakroom super stylish and inviting for both you and your guests.

Ideas To Keep Your Cloakroom Super Stylish

Clear it out

The first thing that you should be doing it clearing any clutter and belongings that shouldn’t be in there out of the cloakroom. This will allow you to properly see how much space you’re working with. It will also make the room more spacious and inviting immediately for any guests who wish to use it. It’s likely that the cloakroom is a small room in your home so keeping it clear of clutter will allow you to make it look super stylish.

Add a mirror

As mentioned above, it’s likely that the room is rather small, so adding a mirror to the wall that harbours the basin will allow you to open up the room a little bit. It will also allow users to be able to check their appearance in the mirror before leaving the bathroom. To add extra style, why not add a mirror with a light around it? This will illuminate the mirror, eliminating the need for the main light on at all times and it will also open the room up even more!

Put in a vanity unit

Ideas To Keep Your Cloakroom Super Stylish


Why not use the space in your cloakroom to add some storage for the items that are supposed to be in there to be stored in? Things like toilet roll etc could be stored in a vanity unit either under the sink or next to the toilet. There are some fabulous units from Drench here that are perfect for smaller rooms that need that little bit of storage.

Keep colours light

Make sure you keep the colour scheme light so that you don’t inadvertently make the room look smaller than it already is. Plus, bathrooms look much more inviting in brighter and ‘cleaner’ colours. Consider going for colours like white, blue and green as they are more inviting colours that make sense in a bathroom.


Finally, adding a nice air freshener to the room will prevent it from smells from building up due to the fact it’s a small room where the air doesn’t have much of a flow. 


Try these simple ideas to help you keep your home super stylish and not embarrassed to let any of your guests use it. All of the ideas are cheap to achieve too, yay 🙂


*** This is a collaborative post, for full disclosure see my disclosure section

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