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In A Rut? Make The Home Better In Lockdown!

In A Rut? Make The Home Better In Lockdown!

Most people are stuck indoors a lot more recently. This might be due to lockdown in your local area. Maybe you’ve come back from a trip recently and need to quarantine. Or maybe it’s just because everything is shut in your local area due to Covid 19. If you’re going to spend a lot more time indoors it might as well be time you enjoy. You won’t enjoy the time there if there are things in your home which you don’t like or enjoy. Or if there is work needing to be done to it which you’ve kept putting off for a long time. Use the downtime to improve your home and make it a nicer place to be.

Big Project?

If you really want things to change and look different then you’ll want to start a home remodelling project. These can be fairly small, but they can also be large. It might just be a case of painting a wall or two. Or you might want an entire new kitchen which comes with its own problems. It’s almost like a separate job of project management. If you want new doors you may need sliding door installers, if you want to fit a new sink area and piping you’ll need plumbers, etc. The list goes on and the cost increases. Bear in mind some of these may not be able to operate in the current climate.

Change Your Light Fixtures

In A Rut? Make The Home Better In Lockdown!

Changing and improving interior and exterior light fixtures and range is a brilliant way to upscale up your home, and usually fairly simple. Interior light fixtures should be added to the indoor entryway, living spaces and kitchen. Adding outdoor lighting to the outside of your home will not only improve its security but also its overall curb appeal, just make sure you get the right power lighting otherwise you’ll be lit up like a Christmas tree. Entryway fixtures, lights in the porch and lighting for the garden or landscape can also make it easier for visitors and guests to find your home. Additionally, updating interior pendants and lamps is an easy way to transform the feel of your home especially if you do it in line with other changes to your home so that they all match.

Change The Room Around

In A Rut? Make The Home Better In Lockdown!

If you just need a light change and not necessarily a whole remodel, then think about moving things around. Change the aspect of your living room, maybe your focus can move to a different wall. Or you could give yourself more space by putting the TV on the wall instead of on a stand. There are dozens of things like this you can do to make it a little better. Even if it’s just moving the sofa slightly. You can do this to any room, within reason. Bedrooms too. Moving the bed around allows you to benefit from different perspectives. This coupled with a new set of bedding or maybe a fresh splash of wallpaper on the feature wall will change things considerably with little cost and effort.


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