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Planning An Ambitious Home Extension

Planning An Ambitious Home Extension

If you have fire in your soul and an interest in living in the best home you can design, the idea of constructing your own personal palace has likely crossed your mind. This is not an outlandish goal to have, many people build part or all of their homes as they find they have the funds and time to apply themselves to this project.

From converting old bricks-and-mortar barns to modern and beautiful two-floor country houses, to finding inspiration in the most celebrated architectural television shows, we’ve all seen examples of home design when it’s done correctly, and for some of us, when flaws have started to shine through.

But if you notice that your own ambition is starting to leap out of your thoughts and onto the page, through the pencil sketches you are creating and the conversations you’re having with your partner, now could be the time to undertake some practical steps in this direction. But where are you supposed to get started, and to what degree is this realistic?

With the following advice, we hope to help you answer those questions:

Use Professional House Builders & Architects

Planning An Ambitious Home Extension

Professional house builders and architects can help you not only put your ideas into practice, but improve on your plans and help you understand the feasibility of some of your requests. This means that your home may not look exactly like that which you had planned, but it will be more practical, and will squeeze out the best value from your initial conceptualization. This can help you ensure that ambition does not blind you, rather lifts you up to bigger and better approaches.

Understand Your Purpose

Planning An Ambitious Home Extension

Understand exactly why and how you wish to plan this ambitious home extension. Are you looking to divide your space in order to provide more bedrooms for your children, and then increase the workable square footing to make this a possibility? Are you hoping to integrate office space, a spare bedroom, and a new entrance to your home? Are you maybe working under the limitations provided to you by the local housing authority? For instance, you may not have been approved for a two-story extension due to living in an area of outstanding protected beauty, but a one-floor extension may be feasible. As such, the aforementioned professionals will help you get started.

Create Rational Timelines & Budgets

Creating rational timelines is as simple as measuring exactly how much work you can achieve in a certain time, and offsetting that against your budget. Perhaps you’re planning to work on your building as new income comes in, or your bank loan has granted you a nice buffer zone to develop those logistics immediately. Either way, we must plan this down to the dollar to ensure the project doesn’t get away from us, as even the most professional construction outfits can find this risk opening up and causing problems.

With this advice, you’ll be sure to correctly plan and balance an ambitious home extension.


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