Belfast A New Found Love

Picture of Victoria Square Belfast


A city surrounded by a rather illustrious past, which some may have dismissed. Having lived here myself my entire life I have got lost in what I perceived my hometown to be…Until recently.  I have now again fallen in love with the city that is the home to the Titanic. Belfast A New Found Love

Belfast A New Found Love

Belfast to me of late was a city struggling to lead up to the standards of its counterparts on the mainland. Shopping was limited, the rather large collections of fashion houses from the UK not branching out here. I shopped online getting my fix of the big names and up and coming designers.

Well no more. I spent a day in what I can only describe as a rather sophisticated on-trend fast moving environment.  I was blown away by the variety of stores and the hustle and bustle of fashion laden persons. People no longer were following the traditionalists, girls being daring with fashion choices, guys pushing the limits with way out there trends.


This was mostly found in the hub of Belfast’s shopping district Victoria Square. Copious amounts of well-known labels sit side by side in this modern outlet. Victoria Square a relatively new addition to Belfast hosts high street brands like Topshop, Dune, Warehouse nestled between more upmarket branding like Michael Kors and Cruise to name a few.


Located in the center of the building is House of Fraser stuffed with the most sought-after brands around. Offering Belfast shoppers a choice of luxury including Mulberry, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen nestled amongst other well-known high street designers.


In the streets surrounding Victoria Square, there is an abundance of well-known labels, all filled with this season’s on-trend fashions/accessories/products.  I watched people laden with bags, chattering and laughing, absorbing the delightful sight that is a city bursting with joy and new found lease of life.

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