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Amazing Health Benefits Of Smoothies

Amazing Health Benefits Of Smoothies

Go out of the front door; take a right, then another, and another, and another, and one final right. You’ve just done a circle of the block. How many people did you see walking around drinking smoothies? The odds are the answer is “not very many” because you were wondering why the hell you were going round in circles. Fair point. However, anyone who bothered to multitask (yes, that was shade!) would have spotted dozens of men and women sipping from plastic cups from a hip juice café. Aside from being undoubted hipsters, these people have got one more excuse: the health benefits.


Amazing Health Benefits Of Smoothies

Amazing Health Benefits Of Smoothies

Cell (Fat) Busters

Studies seem to show that smoothies are brilliant at stopping people putting on weight. Better yet, go one step further and help to shed the pounds too. The reason is that they are full of fruits and vegetables which contain a nutrient called flavonoids. This ingredient battles fat cells so that they can’t form. Yep, this is true of the ones in blueberries which is why the fruit is a staple of dieters worldwide. The great thing about a smoothie is that you can include multiple ingredients and up the nutrients. If your taste buds can take it, mixing kale with and red peppers can stop fat cells in their tracks.


Recovery Food

Sometimes, there are instances when you overindulged and went too far. Think of the time you had one too many Jagerbombs and woke up the next morning with a vicious hangover. Aside from researching rehab details, which isn’t over the top, by the way, you can turn to a smoothie for assistance. Again, throwing in ingredients that tackle substance abuse will detoxify the liver and other vital organs. Oranges, plums and pears all contain chemicals that repair the damage the alcohol did the night before. All you need now is an IV drip to inject straight into the bloodstream.


Fed Up

Usually, this is a bad thing because you’ve simply had enough. In this case, a smoothie literally fills you up to the point where you don’t want any more. No mas, you’ll be shouting while the final dregs of the juice hit your lips. Why is this important? The answer is simple: it puts off hunger. Rather than snacking because you’re hungry, an avocado smoothie will keep you going until lunch. In fact, it might go one step further and satiate your hunger until dinner. Pick a fruit or vegetable that is full of fibre for the best effects.


Anti Ageing

Amazing Health Benefits Of Smoothies

Never let it be said that smoothies aren’t flexible. Throw in a few vitamin tablets and you’ve got a super drink. You know, like a superfood but in liquid form. By adding the right ingredients to the mix, the fluid can contain heaps of antioxidants. Aside from the health benefits – lowers heart disease, cholesterol, etc – they also perk up the skin. A smoothie or two a day will keep the doctor away, and it will clear cells and reduce oil production too.


So, are you ready to come over to the red, blue and green side?



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