Benefits Of Getting Your Child To Play Golf

It’s long been a sport some may look down upon as it doesn’t seem much fun, there’s no team element involved, and mainly older people play it. But, did you know there are some benefits of getting your child to play golf? I was surprised at first, but it just might be the ideal sport to get your children involved in. Today I’m talking about the Benefits Of Getting Your Child To Play Golf.

Benefits Of Getting Your Child To Play Golf

Your Child Learns To Become Patient

Playing golf is hardly as fast-paced and fluid as a lot of other sports. There’s plenty of waiting involved, so you have to be patient. Anyone with a child knows that kids are anything but patient. However, by playing golf, they will gradually learn to become more and more patient. This translates into the rest of their life and they’ll stop pestering you all the time and learn how to wait patiently for things.

Teaches Your Child That Practice Makes Perfect

Golf is probably one of the best sports for displaying the old notion of practice makes perfect. Your child can properly see their progress as they get better. They have a little scorecard and can see if their score is getting lower and lower as they make the putt with fewer strokes than before. I also think this is a great sport to reward your child too. You can give them a little trophy when they finally reach a certain score, it’s a good incentive for them. There are loads of little trophies available, I’m sure you can find out more if you have a look around. But, the main point here is that golf teaches your child the value of practice. They will apply this to the rest of their life and gradually improve at everything.

Helps You Child Stay Active Without Pushing Them Too Hard

It’s always great when you can get your child outside playing a sport of some kind. We know we should keep them active, as it’s good for their health. The problem is, lots of sports like football or rugby can sometimes push your kids too hard. They’re stomping around, there’s physical contact involved; it’s easy for them to hurt themselves. Not only that, but the extremely physical nature could damage their joints in the future. With golf, you’re outside enjoying the fresh air, there’s an element of fitness involved with all the walking and the swinging – but it’s not too much.


I know, you probably don’t think of golf as the ideal kid’s sport. However, it does present lots of great benefits that can help them through life. If you have a look around, you will be surprised at how many kids golf sessions are available at certain clubs. For me, it’s a good sport to get them involved with as it’s not too intense and they can learn a lot from it. 


*** This is a collaborative post. Please see my disclosure section for full information


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