Finding The Perfect Family Car

Finding The Perfect Family Car

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Finding The Perfect Family Car is something that we have had to do lately. Being new to the new cars sales market we had to do some serious research before making our purchase. There is a vast array of cars on the market now, but we wanted to make sure that we picked the right one for our family. Today I’m going to be talking about finding the perfect family car.


Finding The Perfect Family Car

Finding The Perfect Family Car

There are a number of things to consider when buying a new car when you have children or even just for yourself. I’m going to list some general points below that we discussed before making our purchase.

Is your family going to grow over the next few years?

Can you all fit in comfortably?

Do you ever need to carry extra passengers regularly?

Do your current car seats fit in the new car?

Does it offer comfort for all including the driver and passengers?

Can the car grow with your family in regards to legroom in the rear seats?


Picking Our Perfect Car

We are a family of 8 so we require a people carrier or Jeep. When choosing our car we had to look at the back boots seats and did these leave any boot space for some shopping if required. Where we able to fit 3 cars seats in the middle row or did we have to split the children up across the 2 rear rows? We had a good look online first and you can do the same at When looking some of these points are great to think about:


Decide if you require a 5 seater or larger.

What size boot space does the car offer?

Can you get to the rear seats easily?

Do the rear seats fold down to create a boot or area to transport furniture?

Does the car offer all the tech that you want?

Would you rather have a spare wheel with the car?

Do you prefer your car to be higher off the ground?

Do you prefer 4 wheel drive?


When you break your questions down into segments it makes choosing a car much easier. In the end, we opted for a Nissan, as it gave us as a family all that we required size wise, it was higher off the ground, we can add roof bars for holidays and it had an adequate sized boot.

Finding The Perfect Family Car


Finding The Perfect Family Car





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  • Reply Hayley The Tiny

    Welcome to the Nissan club! I love how reliable they are and how much space they provide! Though I usually drive solely and the only passengers I have are my 2 best friends and the odd time my brother, there is so much space in the back seat and the boot space can be extended by pulling the back seats down and forward!

    This was so so handy when I was transporting furniture a couple of weeks ago and I was still able to fit bits and bobs on the floors behind the front seats!

    You definitely have so much to think about when buying a car! I went on about 6 test drives and it still took a further 3 test-drives in my current car to really convince me that it was the one (previously had a fiesta for 7 years before hand) .

    31st January 2018 at 10:44 am
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