How To Get Rid Of Nits

How To Get Rid Of Nits

How to get rid of nits yes I’m talking all about those pesky little things. Yes, the things that nobody wants to admit to having had in their home. But which we as parents will see at some stage. I have talked about treatment here on the blog before. But after having had possibly one of my bigger experiences to date in the home I just wanted to share my experiences on how we have been getting rid of the little critters. Plus its nothing to be ashamed of we will all come across them so discussing them is a good thing.


How To Get Rid Of Nits

There are so many over the counter treatments available now for us parents it’s fantastic. I previously featured a brand here on the blog but there are so many other ways to treat as well which I’m going to cover today as well as mentioning over the counter as well to cover all bases.

What You Need

Nit combs – I find a selection helps from the smaller to the larger types

Treatment lotion or shampoo

Old towels

White paper (to collect the little gremlins on)

Teatree shampoo and conditioner for older children


How To Treat

As parents, we all should be combing through our children’s heads on a weekly basis. This stops the spread and means you can catch them early before any larger infestations occur. I always start with combing through on dry hair. I start with a larger comb and move down to a smaller one to catch any eggs or smaller developed nits. I place all my findings (ha) on white paper so I can really see what I’m dealing with. I then treat with my chosen lotion and let it stay on as long as it states on the packaging. If in doubt about what to use seek guidance from your local chemist. I then shampoo twice and add a good amount of conditioner to the head. I then comb through again to catch any escape artists. I then use an old towel to dry the head and comb through again using the small comb. The towel is then washed on a high head and used only with this child until we are in the clear.

How To Get Rid Of Nits


If any of mine have a dose I comb through twice daily, once pre school and again after, although once is sufficient. I then use tea tree shampoo and conditioner as a deterrent nits detest the scent.  Bedding is washed on a regular basis as well as any coats and hats that may have been around the head area. This limits spreading to the little darlings. Its also so important that you mention to the teacher that your child has them. This alerts other parents and again limits the spreading. With girls try and keep their hairs up and in a bun to reduce them catching them in school.


I hope any newbies to the wonderful world of nits have found this helpful I know myself and my chums talk about treatments so its good to get another persons tips


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