Having Some More Quality After School Time

Having Some More Quality After School Time

When the kids go back to school, it feels like there’s a bit of a deficit in your life where it was once filled with sound and colour. Considering we’re well into the beginning of the year now, it’s safe to say you’ve been dealing with this for a good few weeks. Yet, there’s plenty of time you can spend with them once you’ve picked them up from school, and when the homework is out of the way, there’s a lot of fun to be had. Here are a few ideas for Having Some More Quality After School Time

Having Some More Quality After School Time

Having Some More Quality After School Time

Cuddle Up on the Sofa

When it comes to spending more time together after school, it’s wonderful to get home and get snuggling into those sofa cushions with a good movie or some cartoons to properly unwind from a hectic day. There is nothing better than kicking back and relaxing, let the mind unwind and just enjoy each others company. Be it a movie or cartoons 🙂 there is always something for all to watch.


Have a Gaming Night

Having Some More Quality After School Time

Every kid loves to have fun in a world different from our own. It’s great for their imagination and interactive enough to keep them coming back for more. So throw the board games back in the cupboard, unless you really love them, and boot up a console. It’s the number one route to keeping kids engaged with the sheer interactivity of the moment!  You can even simply download a game or two to your phone. With the release of Final Fantasy XV a new empire, there’s a whole new market of apps to be found in the stores across all our phone models! Look through the listings together to find something you’re all guaranteed to enjoy.


Go for a Walk

When it comes to outside activity, we all love a good run around the park or even a quick game of footy. However, before bedtime is a great part of the day to go on a slow walk around the block to shed any excess energy your children may have. Fresh air is also great for giving people, and kids especially a better outlook on the day. So if you’re struggling to make sure your children are having a good night’s sleep, take them for a quick walk in some soft clothes, or even their pjs! A bedtime routine has never been better yet more unconventional!


Quality time after school doesn’t have to be in short supply, and there’s plenty you can do together to keep the spirit of the day up. Always balance your lives with activities you all enjoy!


** This is a collaborative post. For full information please see my disclosure section

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