When my children started Nursery and school thereafter you know as a parent they will be exposed to all sorts of things. That’s just part of school life, in general, picking up a cold or bug from someone. One thing that I hadn’t thought about until it happened was the kids catching Head lice. It has happened here a few times with my girls. The boys haven’t yet, but I’m sure they will at some point especially with longer hair as well. I can’t remember having them myself but my mum says I have. But when I was small which was a very long time ago we didn’t have the treatments that are available now so it really was a nit comb and paper. Thank goodness there are companies out there like Hedrin that help us parents rid the nasties from our children’s heads hooray.

Head lice the Myths

  • Contrary to what I had thought before my children had them, I always thought head lice were attracted to dirty heads, this isn’t the case at all, they like clean and dirty hair alike. Adding to that anybody can get them including adults, although they are more prevalent with children especially with being in close contact in schools etc.
  • Head lice can’t jump
  • Head lice can only live on humans



Hedrin prides themselves on their no drama formulas, taking the stress out of treating lice and making it super easy to treat the family as a once off or as a preventative measure with their Protect and Go spray. Available to purchase from supermarkets and chemists making it readily available when required. Safe to use on the whole family from babies of 6months and even on pregnant ladies if approval is given via GP. Hedrin has also been awarded the esteemed stamp of approval from Mumsnet.

The products are all cleverly coded at the top displaying which purpose they have including protection, treatment, detection and post-treatment.

Hedrin Protect and Go Spray

The Protect and Go spray protects the hair from Head lice from the off. A great staple for any house, use once or twice a week as protection product. It can be applied to wet hair after shampooing or on dry hair as well. Just simply spray on the head and comb through as normal. The spray works by actively protesting any infestations occurring and by killing any lice before they can take hold. It comes in a 120ml spray bottle which a small top nozzle. The product is clear in colour with a lovely fruity scent. Spray and distributes through the hair easily, leaving hair feeling soft and smelling great after use.

It also features a handy safety nozzle just under the pump allowing parenting to turn off the spray function when not in use.

Hedrin Once Liquid Gel

The gel is lovely and thick which makes using it easier.  The once Liquid Gel comes in a 100ml container and contains 4 treatments. Very simple to use just apply the product to dry hair ensuring its evenly distributed over the scalp and hair areas. Massage the product throughout or use a wide-toothed comb. Leave on the hair for 15 minutes and then apply shampoo to the hair prior to wetting it. This allows the shampoo to break down the product and helps with removal, the product itself repels water so this process is very important.




** This post contains PR Sample as always my thoughts given are 100% my own.





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  • Reply Joanne Mallon (@joannemallon)

    Take heart, the nits stage does end eventually! It’s a PITA when you’re going through it, but like sleepless nights it does end at some point, thank goodness.

    26th April 2017 at 10:24 am
  • Reply Erica Price

    I must admit we have never had them, but we have had some other unmentionable little critters. It’s helpful to have something easy to use though I’d imagine as there are never enough hours in the day even without nits to contend with.

    26th April 2017 at 11:06 am
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