Raging Hormones In Teenagers

Raging Hormones In Teenagers

Raging Hormones In Teenagers its something we have all had to deal with either through our own experiences growing up or with our own teenage children. I’m 41 so it has been a long time since I experienced it. Through my own reading and talking with friendsit’ss definitely apparent that children are experiences hormone changes much younger in comparison to when I was younger. So how as parents do we support our children through this tough stage of growing up?

Raging Hormones In Teenagers

Raging Hormones In Teenagers

My experiences have been to try and be very empathetic with my 3 teens. Its such a new experience for them and probably a very confusing time. Once there was an innocent and angelic child who now has to cope with body changes and the rage of hormones which bring there own host of new experiences. Underneath that new tough exterior is that child who wishes to revert back. (I know I did) With hormones also comes attitude, I try and see through this new found strength to say what we want, to sit back and listen, to try and see it through their eyes. So what can we do to try and make the teenage years a little easier?

Preempt The Inevitable 

I would definitely recommend starting the chat long before things start to happen especially in girls. Yes it’s not a chat we want to have with our children but it is a must.  They will get embarrassed and giggle but just keep the conversation flowing. Explain the changes that will occur in their bodies. For girls, the period chat is always welcomed with a treat box, filled with goodies, sanitary products, hot water bottle etc and any online info so they can read up themselves. My girls both started with sanitary towels and will make the change over when/if they want.


I have found that sitting back and letting them chat the best way to move forward. We all get much better when I allow them to chat about their feelings/issues. It also builds a great positive relationship and they know they can chat with you about anything.

Monthly Treat Boxes For Girls

As mentioned above we did a treat box at the start for the girls. But a monthly treat box is another way to go as well. You don’t have to sign up for the online ones, you can easily create a cheap one yourself. Including sanitary products, hot chocolate and a few chocolate bars. (all the things that we crave at that time of the month)


Encouraging Good Hygiene

At times I have had to seriously encourage washing in my gang. But if you set a good daily routine and explain the importance of good hygiene early on your children should get in a good flow. Until you reach the stage when you actually cant get them out of the bathroom lol. With my girls around the puberty stage, we introduced razors for underarm and leg hair. We have hygiene baskets in the children’s bathroom which have all they need for keeping on top of body cleaning, I then top up when required. With the girls, a few nice bath bombs for pamper night are welcomed 🙂 plus a lovely selection of body lotions/creams. The girlier the better.

I think as long as you the adult are prepared for whats ahead, prep in advance but also learn to become a good listener you guys should cope relatively well with the Raging Hormones In Teenagers. Yes, there will be ups and downs and curveballs along the way as long but I always put those down to experience and a learning curve. We as parents learn every day and we only want whats best for our tribe 🙂


Raging Hormones In Teenagers





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  • Reply Charli Bruce

    This was a great post! My daughter is just about to turn 13 and she has been already in that ‘teen phase’ for around two years. I’ve always found it best not to push her to talk about things as she’s actually very open with how she’s feeling and stuff if I just let her come to me. I’m also loving the idea of a monthly treat box, I might have to start one for her x

    1st February 2018 at 1:19 pm
  • Reply Nicolette Lafonseca-Hargreaves

    An interesting read.

    I have 2 boys and many male friends who have said that they felt completely lost during the teenage hormone years. Obviously I have only experienced girl stuff so I am trying to stay aware of male changes I think it helps as we are changing perceptions of masculinity all the time so I am hoping they will not grow up with the same toxic pressures my friends did

    1st February 2018 at 1:21 pm
  • Reply michelle twin mum

    Only my son is a teenager so far but my twin girls are hot on his heels and I think they will be a completely different kettle of fish! The hormone surges seem to be quiet different between the sexes. Mich x

    1st February 2018 at 10:36 pm
  • Reply Ray

    Gosh, I’m so glad that I am still a little while off this stage. I love the idea of treat boxes when introducing girls to the periods etc.

    2nd February 2018 at 10:28 am
  • Reply Rhian Westbury

    I think letting them have their own space is always a good one. I know I hated it when my parents were too pushing or wanted to spend too much time with me x

    2nd February 2018 at 10:41 am
  • Reply Kaz | Ickle Pickles Life and Travels

    Having a 21 year old and two teens I would say listening is key and also don’t sweat the small stuff! Kaz

    2nd February 2018 at 9:05 pm
  • Reply Super Busy Mum

    Fab post – my daughter turns 13 this year {emotional} and she can certainly be one to need to her own space.

    5th February 2018 at 12:05 pm
  • Reply Nichola - Globalmouse

    Good tips. We haven’t reached the teenage stage yet but I will definitely keep all this in mind for when we do!

    5th February 2018 at 1:54 pm
  • Reply Thena Franssen

    I have a while till my girls get tot his age but I”m still trying to get prepared now! Thanks for the great read.

    5th February 2018 at 2:05 pm
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