Survival Guide For A Mum Of 3 Under 2

Survival Guide For A Mum Of 3 Under 2

Survival Guide For A Mum Of 3 Under 2. How did we manage as a family?

My Family Of 8

When Lucas was still a baby we decided that we wanted to expand our family and give him a brother or sister. With a 10 year difference between him and his sister we really wanted him to have a playmate. Someone close in age to him and someone who could grow with.

So trying for another didn’t take too long and on our first scan we found out we were having twins. So not 1 but 2 playmates for Lucas. On September 26th, 2012 we welcomed our twins Logan who was born first then Mason.

So how did we cope with 3 under 16 months?

I was very lucky as the Husbot took a month off work. The twins were premature and born at 32 weeks so they spent 3 weeks in the local NICU after having a section I couldn’t drive so having the Husbot to drop me over to visit was amazing.

My Family Of 8

When they came home the planning started. I do tackle things with a laid back attitude with some routine in relation to bedtime and meals.

  • Going out I baby wore one of the twins and Lucas went in the double buggy. Lucas did at times walk but he tired very easily. So having the sling as an added option was great.
  • Meal Prep and freezing, prior to babies arrival
  • Getting shopping delivered instead of going to store, saved time, made it less stressful and I saved money hooray
  • When they were very small I relied on my slow cooker lots. I just popped meat in the morning and by tea, all was cooked
  • Selecting meals that required minimal prep but offering good sources of vitamins
  • I fed the twins at the same time. This made things uber easier for me, especially for night feeds.
  • For the morning times, I had all sorted the night before. Including clothes laid out for the bigs and Lucas. The twins just wore sleepsuits on the school run.
  • Take all help that’s offered in the early days
  • Sleep when you can. I managed to sync the smalls sleep routines for day naps which allowed me to catch up if needed
  • Don’t put yourself under any pressure, it will all come together in the end.
  • When the Twins started to move we invested in a Babydan like many other twin mums. This allowed me to be able to run to the loo and know that they were safe.
  • When in the car we always had items to entertain the children. The bigs school is 10 miles away so we did spend lots of time travelling. We invested in DVD players in aid the commute.

Do you guys have any tips that you want to share?





  1. 21/04/2017 / 11:30 AM

    You sound like you were very organised, I don’t think I would have left the house!

  2. 21/04/2017 / 11:37 AM

    You’ve done so well keeping track of three kids at such a young age, sounds like you’ve got some great tips x

  3. Claire
    21/04/2017 / 12:43 PM

    You sound like an amazing mama. I had 2 under 2 and that was hard.

    • Lynne
      21/04/2017 / 2:15 PM

      That’s very kind 🙂 I think as I have 3 older as well I approached it all very differently and much more relaxed.:)

  4. 21/04/2017 / 2:45 PM

    Great tips! You’ve done a great job and you’ve shared some great tips. Having 3 under 2 must be so difficult, but you seem to manage it well. x

    • Lynne
      21/04/2017 / 7:04 PM

      Thank you Yaya they are 5 and the twins are 4 now so on the home straight so to speak x

  5. 21/04/2017 / 5:41 PM

    What some great sounding tips, I can imagine it is such a change welcoming two babies at once

    • Lynne
      21/04/2017 / 7:04 PM

      Thank you Sarah yes it took some getting used to 🙂 x

  6. 21/04/2017 / 6:04 PM

    I can barely manage my 10 month old who is my first, so I have no idea how you manage. Superwoman springs to mind x

    • Lynne
      21/04/2017 / 7:05 PM

      Grey 40 year old is more like it haha x

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