The Joys Of Being A Mum

The Joys Of Being A Mum

Becoming a parent is the most magical things that a person can feel. Whether it’s your first child or your fifth, the magical feeling never fades and the love that you create for each of your children is overwhelming. However, while all of this is incredible, there are parts of being Mum that no one really tells you about and you’re left to discover things alone. Today we are talking about The Joys Of Being A Mum which will give you an idea of what us Mums really go through and make you realise that it’s not all fun and cute baby pictures and that there is a real effort and hard work behind each Facebook photo you see.

The Joys Of Being A Mum

The Joys Of Being A Mum

You May Lose Some Bladder Ccontrol

Yes. Unfortunately, part of pregnancy and giving birth can leave your pelvic floor muscles super weak and you may find that you don’t make it to the toilet in time, or that you’re leaking into your underwear without even realising it. Everyone knows that a pregnant woman has to use the toilet forty thousand times a day, but nobody tells you about wetting yourself unexpectedly. Luckily, there are now undergarments that you can buy to help keep your little problem a secret for as long as you need it to. Head over to to buy yourself a pair if you experience this problem. Also, don’t forget to make sure you’re doing your pelvic floor exercises during and after the baby is born to try and avoid this from happening.

Your Breasts Will Hurt

Whether you’re breastfeeding and your nipples become dry and cracked, or you’ve decided not to and your milk ducts become blocked causing you to have mastitis, your breasts will hurt at some point or another. It’s part of the natural process of giving birth and unfortunately is unavoidable.


There are ways to ease pain and discomfort. To name a few:

  • Massage your breasts to prevent milk ducts from blocking.
  • Have them measured to ensure you’re wearing the right fitting bra.
  • Use hot and cold compresses to ease the pain.
  • Express milk even if you’re not breastfeeding to relieve the pressure.

You Will Cry For No Reason At All

As if pregnancy hormones weren’t bad enough, you will find yourself crying sometimes at what appears to be nothing at all. This is completely normal as it’s your hormones getting back into place. If you’re feeling down or helpless for a long period of time, be sure to visit your GP as you could be suffering from postnatal depression.

You Wouldn’t Change Any Of It For The World

Finally, you wouldn’t change a single second of it because your beautiful baby (or babies) are finally here and you can begin to enjoy watching them grow and become their own little person! Without any sense of doubt, children are the best thing that you can do.


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