Back To School Time

I actually can’t believe its that time again, back to school time. It really only seems like a few weeks ago that the kids stopped school. I cant believe this is the kids first full week back to school. Well, that is apart from Kane who is off to uni in a few weeks. As I am aging time seems to fly by, one week rolls into the next and before you know it another year has passed. I can’t be the only one that feels this way?

Back To School Time

We have had a wonderful summer together. Not as busy as it has been in previous years but I think we all needed some quality downtime alongside our yearly summer holiday to Holland. During term time I am on the go so much so not having to stick to a strict schedule is wonderful. I have also been getting busier myself with both the blogs running now and have attended some amazing events over the summer months as well. Its all about balance and as long as everyone is happy, I’m happy 🙂


As I mentioned above we spent 2 weeks in Holland which was absolutely wonderful as usual. It’s not your typical holiday destination. But I have never been one for lying around the pool all day. I like to explore and I’m lucky that my kids enjoy this as well. As well as spending some days at the on-site theme park we headed into 2 local cities, one being Amsterdam, I couldn’t go to Holland and not visit 🙂 There is just so much to do over there and its very family friendly. the beaches are glorious. The ones we visited all have restaurants and bars alongside, you would honestly think you were in Ibiza at times, it just oozes coolness, which funky tunes playing.


Two of my older children sat very important exams in June. Loz sat her GCSEs and Kane his A Levels. The pressure on children nowadays to do well is horrendous. I cant remember this pressure when I was at school. Thankfully both did extremely well and Loz is now back in school studying for A Levels and Kane is going off to Newcastle Uni in a few weeks.

Fun At Home

We have really enjoyed having days at home, playing outside, games indoors and even the new hot tub. The boys are of an age where they can entertain themselves happily and they also love some free play mixed in as well. Lucas has been playing football a fair bit over the last few months, so having the big garden he can play away to his hearts content.


I do miss them all when they are out at school. But it gives me some much needed blog time. The boys especially thrive on the school routine days, tho for the first few weeks i’m going to expect some tired little ones and possibly a car nap on the way home. Do you have any children starting Nursery or school this year?

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