Marshmallow Snowmen

This is my last week of posting snack ideas to make with the children in the run-up to Christmas. These weeks are flying in now. If you didn’t catch my other posts they were about Grinch Fruit Kebabs and Reindeer Rice Krispies. Todays its all about the Marshmallow Snowmen. A super easy and yet so much fun stack of marshmallows which are so versatile and you can add as much or as little decoration as you wish.

Marshmallow Snowmen


Marshmallows (big and mini sized)

Icing pens in brown or black

Strawberry laces for the scarf

  • I separate all my marshmallows for each snowman out before I start (i just find this way easier)
  • I cut the strawberry laces down to size (just enough to allow you to create a scarf)
  • I now start assembling my Marshmallow Snowmen. Using the icing pen joining the bodies together (the icing is a binding agent)
  • Once the body is formed added the small marshmallow for its hat on top using the icing pen again.
  • Once complete I add the scarf by tying a strawberry lace around the neck area of the Marshmallow Snowmen
  • The final part is decorating the Snowmen. Using the icing pen add 3 buttons down the body of the snowmen. On the face area add eyes, a mouth, and nose.


Voila, an afternoons fun spent making these with the smalls is waiting. You can also add arms with twiglets if you wish and other extras. My guys loved making and eating them 🙂


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